FORCE MMA is a full time professional Mixed Martial Arts club based at Renegade Fitness Academy in Stevenage, Hertfordshire and Storm Gym in Luton bedfordshire, catering for the complete beginner to the professional fighter.
Mixed Martial Arts is a full contact sport using a combination of techniques from different disciplines across various martial arts including various forms of wrestling including: freestyle, Greco, Catch as catch can, Submission, plus Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Freestyle Kickboxing, Boxing, Muay Thai and Karate.

Training sessions at FORCE MMA are tought by professional coaches including some of the UK's top professional MMA Fighters. Sessions will involve learning techniques, both on the ground and standing up, together with takedowns and takedown defence. All striking, wrestling and submission holds will be taught using principle moves from Boxing, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Freestyle, Kickboxing and Wrestling and Catch Wrestling.

MMA is great way learn a blend of martial arts and is an excellent form of fitness and conditioning.

  • fully qualified instructors
  • 8 years at the top of our service 
  • Train alongside professional fighters
  • memberships available 
  • Pay as you Train 
  • private tuition and 1-2-1 sessions available 

MMA at stevenage and Luton.
For everyone

Students are now going through our own syllabus, this enables us to ensure, you are being coached to a high standard along the clubs, individuals development is being monitored, it also allows you to train and develop within your own skill set but we also encourage you to step outside your comfort zone to learn along side some of the pro fighters, it also allows you to gauge and see your own development improving.

Gradings are held a few times throughout the year at either of the locations, we also hold interclubs between the group, and also invite other clubs down in the UK to compete with us at the Interclub sessions, these are contested over 2 - 3 rounds, in the cage in a controlled light sparring senario with a ref just to make sure it stays controlled and safe for everyone competing. 


Force MMA fighters feature regularly on leading MMA shows throught the UK and Europe, CageWarriors, BAMMA, BCMMA, Norwich Contenders, so for fighters who want to develop their game, fight camps are available throught the year as most of the fighters are very busy competing, however we put a complete stratedgy to a game plan for your fight, and set your training around this, or if you just want to hit the fight camps and devlop the skill set you already have then the Team at RENEGADE FORCE MMA and STORM FORCE MMA will help you smash your goals and break new barriers in your training and development.